Oracle Web Server

Important Note:

Effective 1 January 2011, we will no longer support any Certificate Signing Request [CSR] generated with a 1024 bit key. This is because NIST, PKIX, WebTrust and other respective security standards no longer consider the 1024 bit key size as secure. Read more >


In this first step you generate a request for Digi-Sign to issue a certificate. It involves generating a public/private key-pair and identifying the server, the organization using it, and its Webmaster. The private key is encrypted and should never leave your server, except for backup purposes. The public key will become part of the certificate and is therefore sent to Digi-Sign, together with the rest of the information identifying your organization and your server.

To generate a certificate request, you will run the interactive utility genreq and enter the information for which it prompts you.

When the prompt specifies a default value, you can just press return to enter that value, or enter a different value if you prefer.

For an example of how to use genreq, see the following sample genreq session. Before you start, create a directory to store all SSL related files in, for example $ORACLE_HOME/ows2/ssl. To avoid typing long path names or moving files later, you can start genreq from this directory. To run genreq, do the following: