Powerful on line customer care, service level agreement and post implementation support system

Detailed Critical Reporting

Every aspect of the system has reports that can be generated on demand by authorised users (some reports available to the Security Officer will not be available to an Administrator for example). All reporting functions can be modified according to the customer requirements that will emerge during project planning, live operations and requests from time to time.

Commercial Management

The Customer management (the ‘C’ in Digi-TaSC) component maintains a complete log of all subscribers according to the certificate they received (or were sold). It contains the database of information required to communicate and work with customers/subscribers, reports on case histories, support history, communication history and all interaction are central to this component of the system.


Incident Management & Escalation

Digi-TaSC manages and monitors all support (the ‘S’ in Digi-TaSC) cases both internal and external. It monitors all parties involved in the support issue regardless of whether they are internal or external and can be used to track time responses and resolution as required.

Managing Third Parties

Digi-TaSC also provides the necessary supplier and external providers’ documentation and management in accordance with 'best practice'. In the same way as internal Tasks are managed, external resources are appointed, documented, supervised, requested, authorised and approved for all interaction with the customer. Full auditing and document management is also integral to this component of the system.


Efficiency through Management

Personnel Resource Management

According to 'best practice', every role and responsibility for every member of the customer environment should be documented and then managed, again with clear audit trails and authorisations. Therefore, the physical movement of staff, their locations and responsibilities, the requesting, authorisation and approval of personnel activities must all be monitored, recorded and reported on.


Reliable Document Storage & Archiving

According to industry 'best practice' (e.g. ISO 27001), every aspect of the total PKI/CA environment must be documented. This is an absolute requirement if the project is to receive the national or international accreditation.

Systematic Delivery of Service