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Steps required to convert .pfx (p12) to .pvk + .spc

Follow all of these steps carefully to convert your .PFX (p12) certificate to a .pvk + .spc combination on Windows®

Microsoft® Wizard

Use the Microsoft® export wizard with the following options:

Signing Microsoft Office 2k & XP VBA Macros with a Digi-Sign Digi-Code™

This document details the process needed to sign Microsoft Office 2K & XP VBA macros with a Digi-Sign Digi-Code™ certificate including a worked example. All web links are provided for illustration purposes only, and are correct at time of publishing. It is recommended that the user checks for any updates that may become available since the publishing of this document.


Digi-Code™ Support

This is the main Digi-Code™ Support page and provides all the main support pages you require to configure, own, deploy, manage and maintain your Digi-Code™ Certificates.