Digi-CA™ Administrator's Online Manual

The Correct Digi-CA™ for you

PDF The success or failure of any project can usually be traced back to the original plans. As explained, the Digi-CAST™ methodology is a unique approach to a CA project and its purpose is to ensure the successful delivery of Digi-CA™, every time.

PDF Number of certificates:

Production speed:

PDF Whilst Digi-CA™ software can meet most complex requirements, in many scenarios it is often required to operate all PKI related services on a single dedicated server hardware.

PDF The Digi-CA™ PKI System software suite is a multi application component based PKI system for managing cryptographic keys, Digital [X.509] Certificates and supplemental PKI related services.

Digi-CA™ Components & Specification

PDF The following table sets out the principal technical specifications of the Digi-CA™:

CA Administration Management Console [CA AMC]

PDF The Digi-CA™ is a complete Digital Certificate and certificate management system. It has three main components that are explained in more detail in their respective sub sections:

PDF Digi-CA™ Server Xg is the CA for commercial Trust Centres and other large scale PKI deployments.

Digi-CA™ Server Xs

PDF Digi-CA™ Server Xs is Managed CA for installation on a single server and comes complete with all the different sub-systems designed to run and operate efficiently on that single machine.