The Automated & Authenticated Certificate Delivery system

Use of Software

Our Obligations

PDF In consideration of the Services, You shall pay the Charges to Us in accordance with the Proposal. The Charges are set out exclusive of taxes and expenses. At the start of the Project, the Project Deposit Fee as set out in the Proposal will be billed by us and must be paid for by electronic bank transfer in full by You within fourteen (14) days of the date of our invoice.

AACD™ Contract

DSSA™ Technical Specifications

PDF Developed using C programming language and operates under Windows®, UNIX and Linux® operating system environments.


PDF The CSG™ uses the high security, highly scalable, large capacity, resilient nCipher Security World HSM 500 that is FIPS certified and offers the security and flexibility required by the AACD™ system.

CSG™ Services & Apache Modular Architecture

DSSA™ Client & Client Access Management

DSSA™ Client & Client Access Management

CA System access