Visionary Legal Technologies [VLT] Digi-ID™

Useful information for your VLT Digi-ID™

Many of the VLT online systems now use Digi-ID&trade digital signatures. To use these systems, you require a VLT Digi-ID™ digital signature. Apply online here.

New users should read the notes below


Enrollment Instructions

A single VLT Digi-ID™ digital signature is $ 197.00. Getting your Digi-ID™ is a simple online process. Before you enroll you will need the following:

It can take up to 24 hours for your application to be processed, before you receive the Digi-ID™ Activation Email that completes the process

Note on Email Requirements

Using using Microsoft® Internet Explorer® only, the enrollment process is a two-step process. Ensure that you can send and receive email from the computer that you use to enroll from and also that you complete both stages of the enrollment from the same computer.

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