Improving Security

How AACD™ Improves Security

PDF The AACD™ system automates the SSL life cycle(s) in your organization and also adds additional layers of security. Layered security is a common practice in securing any network and the introduction of AACD™ improves the security layering by removing certain risks from the organization.


Layered security can be likened to a sphere with many layers that ultimately protect the core. To the access the critical assets at the core, each layer must be ‘peeled back’ and the more layers that are used to protect the core, the more secure it becomes. AACD™ adds additional layers of security to your environment, thereby protecting core assets without increasing Administrative overhead or time. In fact, time spent on the security of your environment is reduced and, at the same time, the security is increased.

With AACD™ the three additional layers of security are added are explained in the following sub sections: