Delivery by an ARP Member : Public Key Cryptography : PKI : Certification Authority :

Working with Affiliate, Reseller & Partner [ARP] Members

Implementing a Public Key Infrastructure [PKI], a Certificate Authority [CA] and then using Digital Certificates requires extensive technical knowledge and experience. In a single Digi-CA™ project, often there is a requirement to comply with more than 70 standards and this list of regulatory requirements is constantly being updated.

In addition to the complexities of the technology and the need for extensive experience, the commercial sensitivity of any tri-party relationship (i.e. Customer - ARP Member - Digi-Sign) and the importance of a strong ARP management system cannot be over stated. This is not necessary in the case of an ARP Affiliate, but with the ARP Reseller or Partner, closer co-operation and empowerment is essential.

Technical 'know how' and compliance are only one aspect of any project and although they may be important, there are many other aspects of the project that must be considered if it is to be successful. For example: