Why you should choose Digi-Sign

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In global top 10 providers of PKI/digital certificates   We bring our global experience to your local requirement. This experience includes being one of ten companies invited to tender for the US Department of Defense Public Key Infrastructure [PKI] project extension; National PKI projects in Peru, Ireland, Bahrain, etc; Managed CA services for Barbados; etc
International recognition   National certification service provider for issuing qualified certificates to the public (see EU Website for listing)
Single business focus   Most Certificate Authority [CA] vendors are subsidiaries of larger organisations or have diversified into other businesses. Because 90% of our revenue is derived from Digital Certificate and PKI related systems, all our resources focus on continually improving our core CA & PKI products and services
Strong partner programme   Our commitment to the ARP Network ensures delivery of a global experience from your local provider that will understand your culture, your expectations and your needs
Latest technology   Digi-CA™ v3.0 was built ‘from scratch’ in 2008 to ensure it leverages the latest advances in PKI, Linux, Open Source, etc
Means more flexible   Our systems & solutions can be modified and customised at a fraction of the cost of competing alternatives
The most scaleable   Digi-CA™ is the only software that can scale a live production environment from 100s to 1,000,000s of users without any service interruption
Faster to install   We can install a complete National CA in weeks compared to months from other vendors
Easier to maintain   The simplicity of the design means fewer ‘points of failure’ and easier maintenance
Overall best value for money   Faster to configure and install with less hardware and therefore less people required. Meaning the best price overall and the most efficient to own

Why you should choose Digi-CA™