Service Level Agreement [SLA]

Standard Service Level Agreement

Within the Digi-Sign Standard SLA is the Incident Management System [IMS]. IMS is an automated system that escalates all support Cases as follows:


    Service Level Agreement

          The following is the Standard Service Level Agreement [SLA] in support of Digi-Sign's solutions and services. This SLA incorporates system and personnel reaction times and escalations.

    With particular regard to any communication from a User to Digi-Sign regarding a support issue, the entire escalation procedure is managed by an automated system that escalates issues, without human intervention, and automatically notifies the User.

    A more complete explanation of this automated escalation procedure is detailed under Sub-Section 1.7.1. Incident Management.

      1. Digi-Sign Service Levels

      These Service Levels describe the details of the Digi-ID™ & Digi-SSL service & solutions provided by Digi-Sign™ to its customers. The following items will be described in detail in their respective sub-sections:

              1.1 Service functionalities
              1.2 Service Availability
              1.3 Service Reliability
              1.4 Operations
              1.5 Service Maintenance
              1.6 Change Management
              1.7 Incident Management

      2. Service Functionalities

      Digi-ID™ & Digi-SSL™ are managed services for the issuing, management and support of digital certificates. Storage and provision of the service is from the Digi-Sign™ appointed data centre.

      3 Service Availability

      The service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The guaranteed minimum availability is 97.995%.

      The measure for availability of the service is the timeframe in which the service has been available for both inbound and outbound data traffic. Unavailability of the service is defined as the number of minutes the service has not been available to the customer, except unavailability caused by:

      The customer is required to notify the Customer Service Desk when it determines a non-availability of the service. Only instances of non-availability reported by the customer to the Customer Service Desk that have been acknowledged by Digi-Sign as a service interruption will be taken in account in order to calculate service availability provided the unavailability is not caused by one of the above mentioned reasons.

      4. Service Reliability

      Maximum number of service interruptions: 1 interruption per calendar month.

      5. Operations

      The Customer Service Desk is available any business day from 09.00 until 17.00 GMT, with exception of National Holidays. Customer service desk phone numbers:

      6. Service Maintenance

      Where regular maintenance affects the operation of the service, the customer will be notified at least 48 hours prior to maintenance. Scheduled maintenance will be executed within the service window in 97% of all times.

      7.Change Management

      Any change request can be filed any business day from 09.00 until 17.00 GMT. Reaction time, realisation and costs (if applicable), depending on planning and impact will be by mutual agreement.

        7.1 Incident Management

        Digi-Sign will allocate sufficient resources to solve problems as soon as possible, with prevention of exceeding SLA parameters as the primary objective. All Incident Management cases are monitored, reported on, automatically updated and automatically escalated by the Digi-Sign Incident Management System [IMS].

        There are Five Levels within the IMS:

          7.1.1. Level 1 – Incident Logging

          A member of the Support Team manually enters all User Support Requests/Cases, no matter how they are received, into the Digi-Sign™ IMS. The IMS automatically notifies the User of the Task ID/Case number.

          If the Case is not resolved by the User confirming that they are satisfied with the Support received and regard the case as close, it is automatically escalated to Level 2.

          7.1.2 Level 2 - Severity 1

          After 4 hours, a Senior Technical Specialist is informed and starts monitoring the work of the Team member that is working on the Case. Severity 1 Problems are monitored continuously and the customer receives status updates.

          7.1.3 Level 3 – Severity 2

          After 24 hours, the Senior Technical Specialists assumes direct control of the Case. In case other products are related to the problem also the vendors will be part of the team.

          7.1.4 Level 4 – Severity 3

          After 48 hours, the Digi-Sign™ Management and a Director of Digi-Sign™ will be informed and will act as problem manager during the solution phase. The maximum time to solve for Severity 3 Problems is 48 hours, unless a work-around is available.

          Digi-Sign's™ goal is to solve the problem within a 72 hour time period. After a total of 5 days, or 120 hours, if there is no approach defined by Digi-Sign to solve the problem the case is terminated/suspended indefinitely.

          7.1.5 Level 5 – Termination

          On the basis that Digi-Sign's Senior Management and a Board Member were unable to solve the Case within the mandatory 120 hours, the case is terminated or suspended indefinitely.

          This could occur due to the following reasons: we were unable to contact the customer (absent, on holidays), and we have sent a final email stating that we have tried to resolve the matter but received no response.

          If we actually cannot solve the problem, we confirm this with the customer within the 120 hours and provide another option on how to proceed with this problem.

          It is the responsibility of the customer to request that the Case be re-opened and processed through the IMS again, with the exception that we are able to fix the problem, but not within the specified deadline, a new deadline should be set by senior management.

          If such a request is made, the Case will be treated as a totally new case but will carry the same Task ID.

          If after three attempts and a total of 360 hours of Support time has not resolved the case, the parties agree that the case cannot be solved and it is terminated.