Shared Certificate Authority [CA]

PDF Digi-CA™ Certificates can be used in a variety of different security situations as can be seen below:

The Shared CA - Digi-CA™ Shared is a concept and capability that is unique to Digi-CA™. It is made possible by the component design and flexibility that is at the core design of Digi-CA™ and is not available from Traditional CA vendors.

The concept is simple: The benefits of outsourcing the entire CA to a Trusted Third Party [TTP] or Digi-CA™ Trust Centre as a Managed CA may meet most of your main business objectives, but not in all cases.


Similarly, there may be specific data and hardware your organization must have total ownership of, in which case, installed CA Software is your best option.


But there is a third scenario where you want to own the critical assets but do not wish to manage everything internally. In this case, the Digi-CA™ Shared system is the solution.

In instances where critical assets, such as, the Hardware Security Modules [HSMs], databases, key storage and other functions must be retained by your organization and the day-to-day administration, support, help desk, ‘critical response’ and other ‘non critical’ components can be outside your organization, then Digi-CA™ will be your choice.

Digi-CA™ Shared offers all the technical backup and support components of your CA requirements and ‘fills in any gaps’ in your current environment. The external infrastructure, the team of professionals and specialist you require and other critical resources such as Disaster Recovery, critical response and Service Level Agreement [SLA], components can be outsourced with ease. At the same time, the principal assets and integrity you wish to own and control can remain inside your organization.

Digi-CA™ Shared can be designed and delivered to meet your precise requirements and can combine physical IT assets, personnel, help desk, internal and external networks and servers. For further details contact a member of the Digi-CAST1™ Technical Adviser Team and they will advise you accordingly.

Fees for the Digi-CA™ Shared system vary significantly from site to site but estimates can be taken from the Digi-CA™ Quotation Engine.

When Selecting your CA you may want to consider the two other options: