Digi-CA™ Certificate Authority

PKI Certificate Authority [CA] System

PDF This CA system is suitable for any size organisation and with its unique flexibility it can be adapted to any requirement or environment. Before choosing    your   CA system, understand the difference between traditional CAs and Digi-CA™.

Choosing a CA Systems
Traditional CA systems are delivered in two ways:

However, the design and flexibility in Digi-CA™ makes it possible to have a third, very useful, option:

A single install of the Digi-CA™ system can begin that serves hundreds of users can be scaled to a large deployment serving millions of users and all from a single software version. When combined with the inherent flexibility of Digi-CA™, this unrivaled scalability makes it a 'sound investment' for your organisation.

Using Digital Certificates
Digi-CA™ is the core application at the centre of the Public Key Infrastructure [PKI] Certificate Authority [CA] application and can be used to issue Digital Certificates for the following uses:
In Government
Typically, Governments, Public Authorities and large Public Service organisations will choose to own the complete CA Infrastructure and seek to have it certified. And Digi-CA™ Server is the ideal choice for this environment.
In Industry
Digi-CA™ Service provides secure email certificates for any sized organisation. It can also be used to digitally sign documents and forms as part of a workflow or other process. And also offers two factor authentication for online banking and many other types of web based services.

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