Approved Smart Cards

A Digi-Card™ is any cryptographic smart card that has been tested and approved to work with Digi-CA™. Digi-Cards™ are typically used to issue and manage tens of thousands of users where Digi-Tokens™ cannot provide the necessary larger scale, end user management.

The only real limitation of using Digi-Cards™ is that the end user must also have a card reader. This small handicap is easily outweighed by the significant user management and end user convenience of having credit card sized digital authentication. If you wish to avoid smart cards or Digi-Tokens™ and only have a digital signature requirement, you may wish to consider the Digi-ID™ roaming solution.

Benefits of Digi-Cards™
Using Digi-Cards™

The Digi-Card™ has many uses and here are a few examples:

Choosing your Digi-Card™

Digi-Cards™ are supplied with, or without, a smart card reader for each card. When making your selection, you should decide if every end user requires a smart card or if groups will be sharing the same reader.

Digi-Card™ Delivery Options

The primary Digi-Card™ delivery options are as follows:

Technical Overview

The most secure method is to store the private key and public key certificates on a USB cryptographic device (also commonly referred to as a security token, hardware token or a cryptographic token). A Digi-Token™ is a cryptographic token.

The other method of storing private keys and digital certificates is to use a software implementation of the PKCS#12 standard that introduces the Personal Information Exchange Syntax in a form of password protected data file. PKCS#12 file is like any other software file and can be stored on a standard USB flash memory device.

Further Enhancement with CMS

Typically, the principal reason for choosing Digi-Cards™ is the need for a Card Management System [CMS]. All Digi-Cards™ can be supplied with the appropriate CMS so contact us for further information.

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