Digi-CASTâ„¢ Consulting Services

Owning & Operating a Trust Centre

Digi-CAST™ is the method we use to give advice, provide consulting, design PKI and related security systems and install these systems using professional services. The Digi-CAST™ team of professionals will be the people you speak too.

Who Uses Digi-CAST™
Digi-CAST™ Methodology

The C-A-S-T methodology was pioneered by Digi-Sign in 2004 after many years of developing and deploying CAs around the world and follows such information security standards as ISO 27001, 93/1999/EC, ETSI 101 456, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, SB 1386, Gramm-Leach Bliley, EAL, ETSI, CWA, ICAO for MRTD and many others.

Digi-CAST™ Overview

The Digi-CAST™ methodology has four distinctly separate components that are modified to meet your specific needs:

Digi-CAST™ Components

The following list outlines the components of each CAST methodology:

Trust Centre Options


You can reduce the financial burden of owning your own Trust Centre by becoming a member of the ARP Network. As an ARP member you can reduce the overall costs whilst still owning a complete Digi-CA™ system infrastructure. Your personnel will operate, manage and administer it whilst also managing the sales and marketing of the Trust Centre, in co-operation with Digi-Sign.

Digi-CAST™ for Government

Most government related or national PKI projects require a Trust Centre. For any computer room or data centre to become a Trust Centre, it must comply with certain standards. Some of these also require that the Trust Centre be certified.