Digi-Code™ Software Signing

Digi-Code™ Signing Software

PDF Code signing Certificates enables developers to sign their software, applets and macros so that users can trust their applications. A single Digi-Code™ can be used to sign hundreds of files and macros each year.

Digi-Code™ ensures that users of your software or Microsoft® macros, know that the applications are trusted so that no security warnings appear when the user retrieves them. The Code Signing Certificates ensure your Active X controls, Java applets, dynamic link libraries, .cab files, .jar files, or applets are received by the end user in 'un-tampered' format.

Benefits of Digi-Code™
Examples of Digi-Code™ Usage
Getting & Using Digi-Code™
There are three simple steps to getting a Digi-Code™ Certificate for your organisation:
Advice & On Line Buying Options

Digi-Code™ Certificates are issued and managed by the Digi-CA™ Certificate Authority [CA] system. The system can be offered as a managed service (Digi-CA™ Service) from outside your organisation or as installed software (Digi-CA™ Server), depending on your requirements.

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