Reasons for Choosing Digi-SSL™ Service

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Centralised Management  

Individual SSLs ordered on line on an 'as needed basis' are very difficult to manage. However, the Digi-SSL™ Service system is a capable of delivering multiple SSLs to even the most complex of organisational structures and is easily managed from the 'Control Centre'.

This is because the Digi-CA™ certificate authority system used to run the Digi-SSL™ Service comes complete with a web based ‘system management centre’ for all operated CAs, RAs & LRAs that make it ideal for operating and controlling all your SSLs across the entire organisation

Less 'administration' time   With Digi-SSL™ Service, your accounts personnel and managers can have direct access to the system for billing and querying without affect the security or integrity of the security policy in operation.  So there is no time lost filling reports, issuing inter-departmental billing or answering general queries
‘futureproof’   By its very design, the entire Digi-CA™ system can be in house, totally out sourced or a combination of the two and this can be decided at any stage during the life of the system. So you can purchase what you need today, safe in the knowledge that you can easily migrate and move all or part of the system to meet future demands
Easy migration from RSA®, VeriSign®, etc   Digi-CA™ is probably the only commercial CA system specifically designed to migrate any Traditional CA environment (for example RSA®, VeriSign®, etc) into a newly setup Digi-CA™ system by complying with international industry standards
Free certificate replacement   Then there's the issue of replacement: with the Digi-SSL™ Service system, every certificate is replaceable, without cost, during its full life cycle. For example: 6 months after you buy one of these cheaper alternatives you upgrade or migrate your service to another server or platform, then you will have to buy new certificates from them but from us, they are replaced free of charge
Security & integrity of your SSLs   We still follow best practice when the validating the rightful owner for any SSL. This means that your SSLs are fully vetted and validated before they're issued using the recognised system of on person validating, a second verifying and a third issuing. Cheaper alternatives issue their SSLs automatically and without human intervention. This method, although functionally okay, raises some significant security issues that we have never considered worth the risk
Ease of integration   Whether now or in the future, because it is LDAPv3 compliant, Digi-CA™ can publish X.509 certificates and Certificate Revocation Lists [CRL] to other directories. This is a significant factor when considering integration with existing or future environments
Scalability   Digi-CA™ is the only software that can scale a ‘live’ production environment from 100s to 1,000,000s of certificates without any service interruption. This is important when considering the future growth an continued operation of your environment and requirements
Customisation to your requirements   Custom multi-layer CA hierarchy, RA and LRA distribution is possible and can be modified, extended and changed at any stage, any time, by your trained CA Administrators. This can also be done without affecting the operation of the live environment
‘look & feel’ customisation   The entire Digi-CA™ system interfaces and all its levels can be easily changed using Cascade Style Sheet [CSS]. This ability to completely change the ‘look and feel’ of the system eases the deployment to your end users because they know you but may not be familiar with the CA vendor.  It also helps with integrating into web sites and other online systems seamlessly
RA Flexibility   Multiple independent Registration Authority [RA] instances from a single system without needing to install multiple applications on multiple servers to run each RA
100% browser independent & compatible   100% certificate enrolment web browser platform and operating system independence is a component part of Digi-CA™ as is the compatibility of the Digi-SSL™ certificates when being considered for internet browsers and mobile web browsers
Used by many of the world's largest companies   Organisations such as Marsh & Mc Lennan, Vodafone, Securicor/G4S, Axa and many others are long established customers and there are also several letters of reference to further support our bona fides
Overall most capable & most competitively priced   Digi-CA™ achieves the best blend of meeting your current requirements and possible future ones too. It’s highly customisable and flexible features means it will meet future demands easily, without incurring downtime, service interruption or unwieldy costs

Why you should choose Digi-Sign