Digi-SSL™ - Site Seal

Giving Your Customers Confidence
PDF The secure site seal for your Digi-SSL™ is an important part of your internet security strategy. It advises visitors to your site that your site is authentic and that it has been validated by a Trusted Third Party. As a result your customers will have the confidence to communicate and transact business with your web site.
Why you should use the Site Seal
Why users trust the Site Seal
By simply clicking on the Secure Site Seal:
Advice & On Line Buying Options
Multiple Digi-SSL™ Certificates are issued and managed by the Digi-CA™ Service from outside your organisation. If you require 10-20,000 SSLs per annum you may want to consider the installed software (Digi-CA™ Server) system, depending on your requirements.

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