Using SSL

Using Digi-SSL™

PDF Secure Socket Layer [SSL] server Certificates are installed on a server or device. This can be a server that hosts a website like, a mail server, a directory or LDAP server, or any other type of server that needs to be authenticated, or that wants to send and receive encrypted data.

Browser Client Compatibility

The following is a list of browsers that are compatible with Digi-SSLs™, Digi-Codes™ and Digi-IDs™:

Digi-SSL™ Service

When combined with the Automated & Authenticated Certificate Delivery™ [AACD™] system the complete life cycle of the Digi-SSL™ can be automated. See the AACD™ Flash Presentation for further details.

The Digi-SSL™ Service system is the Administrators’ interface for ordering additional credits for use by the ACCD™. For further information on the Digi-SSL™ Service system visit the Digi-SSL™ Service Online Demo.