Digi-TaSC & Service Excellence

Systematic Delivery of Service

The Digi-TaSC system is an on line system with strict access controls (using Digi-Access™) so that the customer, customer personnel, managers, officials, suppliers, providers and our Partner can all monitor the post implementation project environment. In addition, it also ensures that the Service Level Agreement [SLA] is delivered as documented and that everything is correctly supported using this powerful tool. It has a number of central functions:

The Digi-TaSC system centralises all aspects of the environment and ensures all premises access, policies, procedures and personnel are managed and monitored in an effective and simple to use central system. This enables the customer and the Partner to run and operate the entire environment, whilst at the same time educating and familiarising the customer's personnel with every aspect of the environment.

Knowledge Transfer

Because the entire environment is planned, documented, delivered, managed, operated and supported using the central Digi-TaSC system, every facet of the environment is transparent to the customer and to the Partner. Everything from support case capture, resolution and outcome is stored in this system. Information is searchable by name or reference code and every action in the environment is documented at every level by every person.

At any point that the customer may wish to take total control of the environment, by virtue that the Digi-TaSC system is present, taking control is a simple case of removing duplicate roles so that only the customer's personnel operate the system. This is yet another reason for the necessary inclusion of the Digi-TaSC system in most installations.

To gain a further understanding of the components of the Digi-TaSC system, read from the sections below.