Certificate Services Provider [CSP]

Host your own CA Centre
The Digi-CA™ Certificate Processing Centre provides an easy and secure way of establishing a Certificate Service Provider [CSP] infrastructure under the Digi-Trust™ Partner program.

The Certificate Processing Centre initiative comes with an entire suite of Digi-CA™ PKI System software that provides both basic and supplemental PKI services and links the new Certificate Processing Centre to the Digi-Trust™ Network that is administered and controlled at the Trusted Services Provider [TSP] Centre, where the main Digi-CA™ systems and other critical CA related services are securely operated. So ultimately, the CSP is a Sub-CA to the TSP.


Digi-Trust™ Partners can benefit from ownership of the Certificate Processing Centre by having the ability to fully control and manage their own Certificate Services Provider [CSP] environment as well as transparently provide a variety of PKI services to their local customers. By owning and operating the CSP, you effectively offload the existing Digi-CA™ system infrastructure whilst still providing the same level of reliability, security and services provided directly from the Digi-Sign TSP Centre.

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A True & Comprehensive Partnership
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As a Certificate Services Provider [CSP] you will be provided with the following services:

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