Trusted Services Provider [TSP]

Owning & Operating a Trust Centre
The Digi-CA™ Trusted Services Provider [TSP] is a dedicated Trust Centre where considerable investment in personnel and assets is required and in most cases compliance to several standards is mandatory.

Deciding to invest in becoming a TSP is a commitment that will most probably require Board approval in your organisation. The commitment is a long term investment with considerable costs incurred in year one with infrastructure, personnel, implementation, training and certification. Thereafter, operational costs are typically 25%-30% of the first year investment and are annually recurring.


The TSP is at the top of Digi-Trust™ Network and is almost entirely autonomous apart from contractual commitments in partnership with Digi-Sign. The benefit of owning the TSP Trust Centre in any market is the guaranteed exclusivity and the ability to appoint Certificate Services Providers [CSP] as Sub-CAs to your TSP Trust Centre. In addition, you can appoint Resellers and/or Agents in accordance with your contract.

By owning and operating the TSP, own a complete Digi-CA™ system infrastructure and also employ the personnel to operate, manage and administer it whilst also managing the sales and marketing of the Trust Centre, in co-operation with Digi-Sign.

If this level of commitment is not what you want to consider, then the CSP is another Partner Programme:

A True & Comprehensive Partnership
The Digi-Trust™ Programme is the comprehensive Partner Programme that encompasses all aspects of your relationship with your customers. This includes sales lead generation, qualification and selection, and continues into the project and system delivery, support and customer care.

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As a Trusted Services Provider [TSP] you will be provided with, and own, the following:

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