IDV Service by Country

Global Data Company [GDC] specialises in on-line identity verification services for a broad range of markets including Anti-Money Laundering [AML], Know Your Customer [KYC] and a host of other risk & fraud mitigation and compliance purposes.

GDC has data assets in over 35 countries comprising government, credit, utility and other public data sources. The data coverage is based on their primary goal of being able to provide a seamless and robust service that has strong enough in-country data capabilities to provide a market leading identity verification service, whilst also providing clients with the ability to verify their customers in a diverse range of countries.

GDC's core business is international data and they make it their business to continually improve the breadth, quality and reach of their data. All of the data must meet strict guidelines and be deemed to be independent, reliable whilst coming from a transparent source.

GDC also have other data capabilities in other regions where data is more difficult to secure. They ensure that their data acquisition and integration team consults regularly with customers in order to prioritise data procurement needs.

IDV Service by Country

The following is the current list of countries where the IDV service is offered:

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