Shopping Cart Discount Code

Using your Discount Code when Ordering Through the Shopping Cart

If you wish to use our shopping cart to place orders and have been given a discount code, this is how you use it:

1. Selecting the Product, System or Solution
1.1 View Products   Go to the main product/shopping page using the View All link in the main menu bar, or use your dedicated shopping cart. Here you can easily browse and select what you want to order
1.2 Choose product & Buy Now   In the main View All page, there is additional information and you can click on the Read more > link to learn more about any product on this page. If there's a Demo link you can take the live online demonstration (or request one, in some instances). There may be a Free Trial option and in almost every case, you can Buy Now. Use this option to place your order
1.3 Go to Checkout
  The shopping cart is a familiar concept, so follow the shopping cart process until you get to the Checkout
2. Checkout Process
2.1 Discount field   On the Checkout page at the top is a link 'Enter discount codes', click on this to view the discount code dialog field
2.2 See discounted value   The Checkout will automatically recalculate the actual amount