Understanding how Digi-Access™ protects you

Understanding what a Digi-Access™ certificate is used for

The Digi-Access™ certificate offers what is called 'two factor authentication'. Secure online servers and systems offer protected access with a username and password. The username and password is 'something you know' and this is single factor authentication.

In the Digi-Access™ version of the same server, in addition to a username and password, to login you must also have a Digi-Access™ certificate. The Digi-Access™ certificate is 'something you have' and this adds a second layer of security known as two factor authentication.

Once the server or system is configured to support client certificate authentication using Digi-Access™ certificates, getting a Digi-Access™ certificate takes three simple steps. The most important of these is the very first step.

The Importance of the Enrolment Form

In the first step, you will be directed to the Digi-Access™ enrolment page where you must complete a simple online web form.

Sample of a customised enrolment form.

This web form has a help button for every field that offers you assistance and advice so that you correctly complete each field on the form.

IMPORTANT:- Ensure that you complete this form accurately and with correct information about yourself. Failure to complete this form correctly, may mean that your Digi-Access™ certificate is not a correctly configured certificate and you may also have to repeat the process.