Open Download

DSSA™ Open Download

PDF The AACD™ system is specifically designed so that the DSSA™ software component can be distributed freely and uninhibited on the internet without breach of copyright or legal restrictions. This means that you can distribute your copy of the DSSA™ software without any concerns in relation to security or royalty obligations.

As explained the DSSA™ software cannot function without its UID Key. If a user attempts to use the UID Key from one organisation in another, warning systems at the Modified CA Trust Centres will automatically disconnect the unauthorised and invalidated attempt to use a duplicate UID Key. Therefore, copying the UID Key serves no benefit to unauthorised users and similarly, the distribution of the DSSA™ on its own is secure.

If you receive a copy of DSSA™ or download it from the many open download sites on the internet, three forms for the DSSA™ Open Download is exactly the same as for the DSSA™ Validation Download except that when you complete the final form, you only receive a single config.txt file instead of the .zip file.

These forms are explained in the following sub sections: