Installation Operation

Digi-CA™ Installation & Operation

PDF Currently, there are two principal versions of the DSSA™ software:

And there are other ‘blends’ of Apache that the DSSA™ will work with, subject to modification by the AACD™ team of engineers: Digi-CAST2™. So the DSSA™ Apache web server software can be modified to meet the specific appliance or server in your environment, for example:

Important Note: The DSSA™ modules and libraries are extensive and further development of any requirement for a specific web server software can now be delivered in 8 weeks or less. For further details, contact a DSSA™ specialist for further advice.

Before installing the DSSA™ it must be downloaded first. The download can be from any official, or unofficial, website. This capability to offer unrestricted download of this highly secure software is integral to its design, because without the correct UID Key, the software is useless. There are two principal ways to get your version of the software:

DSSA™ Validation Download
DSSA™ Open Download