AACD Simplicity

AACD™ Does Not require…

PDF On the basis that there are some complicated and less secure systems and other free scripts available in the market you will discover the following combination of requirements:

Moreover, once the above implementations are completed, regular testing should be added to the weekly or monthly internal procedures to ensure the systems reliability and security. As stated throughout this online manual, the AACD™ system was specifically designed to introduce Certificate life cycle automation without introducing new security risks or increasing maintenance demands within the organisation.

AACD™ does not require any of the above procedures or maintenance implementations.

Selecting the Correct DSSA™ Software

Currently, there are two principal versions of the DSSA™ software:

And on the basis that these two web server software account for 92.6%+ of the worlds web servers (the next highest being Zeus® with a declining 0.4%), either of these versions of the DSSA™ software should enable you to automate almost your entire environment. There is other web server software specific to your environment that you may wish to consider:

As all of these use Apache, depending on the specific software release, version and hardware you are operating, DSSA™ can be modified to meet specific requirements. Another DSSA™ software, pending release is for use with:

Important Note: The DSSA™ modules and libraries are extensive and further development of any requirement for a specific web server software can now be delivered in 8 weeks or less. For further details, contact a DSSA™ specialist for further advice.

The Simplicity of AACD™

True to the original project brief from 2002 (see sub section 3.1), choosing and implementing AACD™ couldn’t be easier. Match the DSSA™ software version with the corresponding web server software and install it on all your servers.

If you have multiple servers with no connection to the internet, then you will also need to purchase the CSG™ appliance. Installing the CSG™ appliance and testing should take the same amount of time as a single server within a typical network.

Server SSL Certificate renewals can be switched on, or off, as required either directly at the DSSA™ or, if you have the CSG™, this can be controlled from the AACD™ Control Centre interface.