The unique concept of AACD™

PDF The design of AACD™ makes it simple to deploy and it can manage any SSL environment. No matter how many SSLs and how many different groups, departments and business units there are in your organisation, AACD™ can be deployed quickly and easily to serve all their needs. There is no complicated implementation, harden, report building or sophisticated technical knowledge required to use it and once deployed, day-to-day management is minimal.

AACD™ uses a unique concept known as ‘Trust Triangle’ to securely automate your SSL requirements. The Trust Triangle creates a unique and authenticated link between any device containing a Digital Certificate and the Certificate Authority [CA] that will issue it with those Certificates. This is achieved by joining the Trust Triangle.

To join the Trust Triangle, the SSL Administrator downloads a software Daemon or Server Side Application™ [DSSA™] for the specific device or server and conducts a straightforward install procedure. Once this installation is successfully completed, the Trust Triangle ensures that the entire life cycles of all the Certificates on the server are automated.

The AACD™ system improves the security within the organisation by removing the need for storing ‘Root’ passwords and does this whilst also improving the overall management of the server(s). AACD™ improves security, overall control and does this in a simple way that significantly reduces the manual time lost by current methods of SSL administration.

This online manual is for both technical and non-technical personnel in your organisation and is divided into several distinctly separate sections: