Overview AACD™ Management

PDF AACD™ is a unique invention that can be compared to the pneumatic drill or the traffic signal because it takes a long established convention of manually doing a task and automates it so that people ask "why wasn’t this automated long before now?"

SSLs are a basic security requirement for any network where web servers are in use. We are all familiar with the ‘little yellow lock’ that appears in our browser when ordering an airline ticket and we understand its necessity for e-commerce. This lock is the SSL Certificate ‘in action’ and is a basic component of most modern networks in operation today.


What most people don’t know is that SSLs expire on an annual basis and must be replaced. Your technical people spend hours and days requesting, ordering, receiving, installing and rebooting servers to make these SSLs work. And they do all of this online manually.

AACD™ automates this entire process and does it simply and securely. It removes not only time lost through all the manual procedures but also solves the issue of oversights where Administrators forget to renew an SSL on time. Failing to renew an SSL on time results in systems failure, ‘chaos’ and revenue loss.

Activating AACD™ is a one-time event. Once completed, everything is automated reliably and securely using advanced cryptographic technology and authentication. The result is a network with ‘one less security issue to be concerned with’. This means the time saved can be better used by dealing with the more important and critical security or network administration tasks of your organization.

With AACD™ the following positive outcome is affected:

See the AACD™ Flash Presentation that explains the issues and benefits of using the system.