Malar Sweden

Malar IT, AB is a company working with small and medium enterprises active in the Mälardalen region and southern Dalarna. They act as the company's own IT department, either at the customers site or through remote support. They have extensive experience in the industry and are certified specialists that focus on making IT easier for customers.

Malar IT offers engineering consultants and cost-effective IT solutions, hosting services such as Exchange, Sharepoint, CRM, Online Backup, FTP, DNS, Mail, Laundry / Spam filter. And also sell hardware, software, consulting services in several areas, such as security, networking and mail services for both PC and Mac.

In joining the Affiliates, Resellers & Partners [ARP] Network on an exclusive basis, Malar IT will use our technology for all their Public Key Infrastructure [PKI] and Certificate Authority [CA] solutions.