ARP Announcement's blog

The Sidebar online services are designed specifically to meet the challenges assosciated with attorney/client privilege, specifically in the area of secure communications over the internet.

Stratos ICT has joined the Digi-Sign Affiliates, Resellers & Partners [ARP] Network and has agreed to the exclusive use of Digi-Sign's technology for all their Publick Key Infrastructure [PKI] and Certificate Authority [CA] solutions.

The Prosis helps enterprises manage the complex technical requirements of large-scale networks and internet infrastructure, enabling rapid delivery of high value products and services and safe exchange of valuable data over the Internet. Our consulting services include architecture, design, implementation, monitoring, and security management solutions.

The Fortux innovative online services provides a more cost-effective alternative to traditional packaged applications. This helps enterprises achieve their business objectives in shorter time and be ahead of the competition. Focused on the business solutions, Fortux specialises in delivering online services that are easier to deploy, more intuitive and provide greater data security than most client-installed applications.

SCProgress represents leading brands in computer security and services in Ecuador. They are Distributors for HP®, INTEL®, AVIRA® ANTIVIRUS and Cyclades Corporation. Operating both domestically and internationally, they support cutting-edge proprietary technology using the organisational culture of quality and service.

This announcement confirms that 2X has joined the Digi-Sign Affiliates, Resellers & Partners [ARP] Network. This nature of this landmark agreement is that 2X will use Digi-Access™ digital certificates for securing access to more than 60,000 2X systems around the world.

iO is an independent consultancy operating from Namibia into Africa and the Middle East. Its core business focus is ensuring their customers realise Information and Communication Technology [ICT] as a strategy business enabler.

ITside solutions, consulting services and advanced technologies, offer support and more than 10 years of experience of working with electronic signatures , electronic storage, electronic billing, documentation and paperless document processes. Digital signatures are used in the lifecycle of documents, transactions and payments as a means of simplification and optimisation of the business process.

Datatek specialises in virtualization, video surveillance, IP telephony, storage systems, print management and IT security. They have the most advanced solutions in the field of IT security and use low-cost public infrastructure and strong security mechanisms to protect data (AES, 3DES, SSL) developed and implemented across complex and geographically scattered business systems using secure VPN technology based on IPSec standards and SSL protocols.

NHAMES Limited was incorporated in 1997, for the purpose of delivering quality and cost-effective Information Technology Solutions to corporate bodies, locality and individuals. NHAMES has vast experience in the satellite, banking, IT, Oil and gas sectors. As IT Architects, they build quality and cost-effective IT solutions for Nigerian companies and also for the rest of the world.