Prosis Egypt

The Prosis helps enterprises manage the complex technical requirements of large-scale networks and internet infrastructure, enabling rapid delivery of high value products and services and safe exchange of valuable data over the Internet. Our consulting services include architecture, design, implementation, monitoring, and security management solutions.

Staying one step ahead of hackers and network attacks takes great planning and forethought. Most companies work carefully to maintain a working, efficient security policy, purchasing the latest upgrades to software and products designed to prevent attacks and infiltration. But oftentimes, many companies overlook a very important ingredient of any efficient security policy: TESTING that policy. It's important to test your network and the security systems in place to ensure they really are safe from attack. That's where ProSIS Security Risk Assessments come in.

As experts in Public Key Infrastructure and Security in general, ProSIS is involved in every stage upon client selection of PKI Systems from implementation to completion; offering continual functional and technical support. Our extensive skills cover all aspects of implementation and operation, including business requirements definition, development of functional specifications for client approval, system design, and overseeing development teams customizing software to fit specific client needs. Typically, we are on-site handling client contact, providing functional and technical training and support, and resolving any and all troubleshooting issues that arise when the client initiates system usage in a live setting.

In becoming a member of the Digi-Sign Affiliates, Resellers & Partners [ARP] Network, Prosis will use Digi-CA™ Public Key Infrastructure [PKI] & Certificate Authority [CA] system to provide the data security its customers needs.