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When you run any kind of web site where you will be collecting personal information or credit card numbers, you should be protecting the information you collect using the very latest in SSL security issued by a Certificate Authority. These systems make use of very specific algorithms that require each end of the transaction to have matching keys before any information that is sent over the Internet can be decoded.

When your business counts on the Internet as its main source of customers and you expect them to feel comfortable spending their money, you have to be prepared to offer them some form of guarantee that that all of their private information will be safe. There is only one universally accepted form of protection that is going to make your customer feel comfortable and that is the digital certificate.

One of the most important things you need to look for in any electronic signature provider you are considering using is their level of compliance with the various laws that govern the use of electronic signatures. Here in the US, you will find that there are in fact two very specific laws that clearly define what makes an electronic signature and are in place to protect those who use them.

If you are looking for a digital solution provider for your business, there are several things you should be looking for, but perhaps first and foremost you should be looking for that offers multiple application support. If you are only using one or two applications almost any digital signature service will work, on the other hand if you are like most companies, you are using a large number of applications and the provider you choose must be able to work with all of them.

UK VPN Authentication
Single factor authentication is your standard user name and password security system. For most businesses, larger organizations and government systems, this is simply not enough security for today's online environment. For an extra second layer of protection for your online system, strengthen your user name and password access with UK VPN by Digi-Sign.
UK VPN Made Safe With Two Factors

Why Two Factor Authentication is Needed
User names and passwords are one-factor authentication. For a business or government authentication, this is usually not sufficient. A second layer of protection, called two factor authentication is necessary for businesses, governments and other organizations. You have a user name and password in addition to a Digi-Access certificate. This is the preferred way to provide user access to insure safety for your server, your customers and your business information.
Where to Get Two Factor Authentication

What is an RSA Token?
Digi-Token is an RSA token. It is defined as any cryptographic USB token tested and approved to be compatible with the Digi-CA. Since most modern computers have readily accessible USB ports, these tokens are among the most convenient way to store a user's digital signature or digital certificate. The only limit to using the Digi-Token is the lack of sophisticated token management systems available in the marketplace. If you need to issue many thousands of certificates or signatures, you will probably want to use Digi-Card or Digi-ID roaming solution.

What is Public Key Cryptography?
Public key cryptography is a system using two seperate keys. One locks the plain text and the other unlocks the cypertext. Neither one of the keys is able to perform both functions. One of the keys is generally made public and the other key is kept private. It is a two level system of security that goes above and beyond the standard user name and password protection offered by less secure systems.
How Can You Get Public Key Cryptography?

E Signature Holds Up In Court
An e signature, or electronic signature, is the best way to do business online. Business is no longer conducted across the desk from your customers, it is conducted around the world. This makes it necessary to gain legal signatures over the internet. Consistently, these signatures have held up in courts of law, just as fax signatures did before the internet was widely available.
E Signature and Other Tools for Doing Business Online

When you need a higher level of security for your messages or your data as you send it across the web, you should consider using public key cryptography to keep your messages safe from prying eyes. With this type of encryption two separate and very distinct keys are used. The first one is called the public key and is used to encrypt the message. The other one is the private key and is used to decrypt the message when it reaches the other end.