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This announcement confirms that IAtziv has signed a contract to join the Digi-Sign Affiliates, Resellers & Partners [ARP] Network. This nature of this agreement is that IAtziv have contracted to the use Digi-Sign digital certificates for securing more than 2,000 IAtziv customers in Brazil.

Privacy Data Systems cuts traditional email platforms servers out of the communication equation. As an alternative, communications are secure in motion and at rest. Messages and attachments are encypted while in motion on a secure messaging pathway as well as while at rest in their secure storage vault.

CTH Technologies, Inc. provides solutions that enable your organization to provide:

Malar IT, AB is a company working with small and medium enterprises active in the Mälardalen region and southern Dalarna. They act as the company's own IT department, either at the customers site or through remote support. They have extensive experience in the industry and are certified specialists that focus on making IT easier for customers.

At IBS Point, they pride themselves at providing a complete solution for their customers following the IBS Point 360 solution methodology. This makes IBS Point a unique solution provider for internet services in the whole of the Middle East.

Vulcan Solutions provide custom business applications, excellent software solutions and deliver these quickly and cost-effectively. They provide enterprise-scale business applications on Microsoft platforms and have unique expertise in the provision of xRM solutions using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint platforms.

SixSigma is a professional services company that works together with associates around the world to provide specialised business solutions to their clients.

Nexus and PortWise merged to create a market leader within Identity and Access Management, one of the fastest growing areas in IT. With the merger both companies can now offer the best information protection solution available on the market. Digital information exchange must be secured from point to point; in servers, computers, cell phones and in the Cloud.

Orcanthus® offers logical and physical security solutions that are used worldwide to protect information systems of small and large companies, banks and government agencies. For over seven years, fingerprint recognition and contactless, RFID products of Orcanthus®, meet the needs of performance and safety required by many biometrics identification and authentication applications, and E-Passport.

In the United Kingdom, the IT services providers CMC Communication Systems Limited [CMC] has joined the Digi-Sign Affiliates, Resellers & Partners [ARP] Network on an exclusive basis.