Step 2 - Edit/Create Forms

Modify/Create your Web Forms

To run the Web Forms Signer Applet you need the following files:

Embedding the Applet in a HTML Page

For the applet to work with the most popular browsers (IE, Mozilla, etc), your web developer should follow these guidelines:

Using a combination of <object> and <embed> tags. You should note the following:

  • Internet Explorer
    • Recognizes the <object> tag
    • Ignores the contents of the <comment> tag

  • Mozilla browsers
    • Ignore an <object> tag with the classid attribute
    • Interpret the contents of the <comment> tag

  • Add the <applet> tag

    The sample HTML pages shows how to embed the applet in a HTML form using the tag <applet> in the first example, and a combination of <object> and <embed> tags in the second example.

    You can also 'view source' on the Digi-Seal™ online demo

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