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There are two levels within the Digi-Trust™ Network:
Trusted Services Provider [TSP]
The TSP is at the top of Digi-Trust™ Network and is almost entirely autonomous apart from contractual commitments in partnership with Digi-Sign. The benefit of owning the TSP Trust Centre in any market is the guaranteed exclusivity and the ability to appoint CSPs as Sub-CAs to your Trust Centre. In addition, you can appoint Resellers and/or Agents in accordance with your contract.


Certificate Services Provider [CSP]
The Certificate Processing Centre initiative comes with an entire suite of Digi-CA™ PKI System software that provides both basic and supplemental PKI services and links the new Certificate Processing Centre to the Digi-Trust™ Network that is administered and controlled at the Trusted Services Provider [TSP] Centre, where the main Digi-CA™ systems and other critical CA related services are securely operated.
Other Partner Programmes
A True & Comprehensive Partnership
The Digi-Trust™ Programme is the comprehensive Partner Programme that encompasses all aspects of your relationship with your customers. This includes sales lead generation, qualification and selection, and continues into the project and system delivery, support and customer care.

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As a member of the Digi-Trust™ Network and depending on whether you are a TSP or a CSP you will avail of most or all of the following:

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