Access Component

Key Access Component Retrieval

PDF Key Access Component Retrieval is only required if you are using existing Key Access Components from a previous Key Ceremony and this is decided when the Ceremony Script is being written. Existing Key Access Components are needed each time a CA is being created from a previously generated key, if the key was access protected. The Key Access Component Holders must then be present so that the Key Ceremony Administrator and the Key Access Component Holders can enter the safe room together and retrieve the required smart cards containing Key Access Components (key elements necessary to decrypt the private key and bring it online). The Key Access Component Holders will provide their smart cards as required during the Key Ceremony.


A final check of the Key Ceremony room should be undertaken prior to the arrival of the attending personnel. This could include assisting with the recording equipment, arranging seating and other activities but should always include a check, that the following items are present, will function properly and are usable:


Before the ceremony, the Key Ceremony Administrator, or a Digi-Sign Digi-CAST2™ consultant, meets with the attendees and explains what a Key Ceremony is and what will be occurring during the ceremony. The briefing will include:


The actual Key Ceremony has several vital components that must be understood by everyone that attends the ceremony. There are four parts to the ceremony and the following sub sections explain the components:

            1.Key Ceremony Introduction
            2.Key Ceremony Script Adherence
            3.Key Ceremony Events
            4.Key Ceremony Conclusion