Key Ceremony Introduction

PDF On the day of the ceremony, many people become involved in making the ceremony a success. The following identifies the tasks performed on the ceremony day, the time frame, the responsible party, and other participants involved in each task. The following table shows the responsibilities on the day of the Key Ceremony:

Time Frame Task Responsible Party Other Participants
30 minutes-1 hour before ceremony begins Key Access Component retrieval, Video camera setup Key Ceremony Administrator Key Access Component Holders, access personnel, Videographers
15 minutes before ceremony Final check of the ceremony room Key Ceremony Administrator
15 minutes before ceremony Customer briefing Digi-CAST2™ Consultant or Key Ceremony Administrator Customer
Start of ceremony Ceremony introduction Key Ceremony Administrator Key Ceremony Administrator, Key Access Component Holders, and other ceremony participants
During ceremony Create the customer’s CA(s) Key Ceremony Administrator Key Access Component Holders, witnesses, and customer (optional)
End of ceremony Ensure that all ceremony material is properly distributed Key Ceremony Administrator Key Access Component Holders and access personnel
Immediately after ceremony ends Ensure that the archive book and appropriate key management files are updated and stored Key Ceremony Administrator Access personnel Notary Public

After entering the room, follow these steps:

Upon successful completion of the final check, the ceremony room is ready for the ceremony participants. Next, make sure all the participants are present and in their proper location. The participants should be arranged as follows: