Owner's & Users Manual

Digi-CA™ Owners & Users Manual (on line)

Outline Requirements for Digi-CA™

The Database, Control Centre & CRL

PDF The Digi-CA™ This module is used for storing:

  • information about the Digi-CA™ Certificate Structure
  • user information
  • Certificate data
  • billing information (if included)

Certificate Authority System Design

Digital Certificates for Digi-Mail™

PDF The digital signature and message encryption implementation on email messages is achieved by mechanisms implemented directly in the email client software and that follows the S/MIME standard.

Digi-ID™ Digital Certificate Revoking

Digi-ID™ Revocation

PDF All Digi-ID™ revocations are initiated either by the user or by the Administrator. Revocations are required for a number of reasons, for example:

      1. the user has lost the PC or media where the Digi-ID™ was stored.

Issuing Digi-ID™ Digital Signatures

The following are the steps for issuing a Digi-ID™ Digital Signature:

Digital Certificate Processing

PDF Digi-IDs™ are requested by the end user at the Enrollment Application Form or by the Administrator (on the users behalf) using the Digi-CA™ Control Centre.

Processes Used in Issuing a Digi-ID™

PDF A standard process for issuing a Digi-ID™ Certificate involves the following stages:

Overview of the Key Ceremony Requirements

Uses for Digital Certificates

Certificate Authentication, Privacy & Integrity

PDF The authentication, privacy and integrity of the Digi-ID™ is governed by several factors: