Owner's & Users Manual

Digi-CA™ Owners & Users Manual (on line)

Cryptography, Speed & System Capabilities

PDF Number of certificates: 200 up to 200,000,000

Production speed: Without HSM up to 5,000 1024-bits Digi-IDs™/hour
With HSM up to 10,000 1024-bits Digi-IDs™/hour

Key length: Root and Intermediate Certificates 9196-1024 bits
Digi-IDs™ 1024-2048 bits

Key Algorithms & Browser Compatibility

Signature Key Algorithms

PDF The Signature Key generation algorithms use RSA and DSA (Digi-CA™ Server only).

Other Standards & Algorithms

System Specification & Configuration

PDF The Digi-CA™ system is a complete system containing all of the necessary Operating System [OS], modules, directories and engines required to operate a fully functional CA system.


Everything Delivered as Instructed

The flexible & easily implemented CA

PDF Multiple customized Root Certificates, Intermediate Root Certificates and EU Qualified Certificates can also be catered for. Every aspect of the Digital Certificate including Certificate fields can all be customized to meet any x.509 standard requirement.

The ‘user-friendly’ Certificate Authority