Class Distinction

Different Classes of the Digi-CA™ System

PDF The majority of the remainder of this online manual describes and explains the functionality and flexibility of the Digi-CA™ Server system. With few exceptions, the Digi-CA™ Service can be configured in the same way as Digi-CA™ Server and then offered as a managed service, specifically to meet the needs of your environment.

There are three classes of Digi-CA™ Server:

The principal difference between Xs, Xp and Xg in each case relates to the degree of integration and customization required. For example, Digi-CA™ Xs can be pre-configured and delivered to the customer for installation without any assistance from Digi-Sign whilst Digi-CA™ Server Xg projects can run for weeks and even months or years.

Depending on type of Digi-CA™ you order and the level of customisation and modification it requires to meet the needs of your specific environment, will dictate the best installation approach. At a basic level (and depending on your qualifications, knowledge, experience, etc.), you can probably install the required operating system and the Digi-CA™ software using help files and telephone support.

Note: If you have technical personnel that can correctly configure a network environment, install the necessary operating systems and provide secure access to the server(s), the Digi-CAST2™ Installations Team may be able to conduct a large part of the installation process prior to visiting your site. In some cases, the complete installation can occur without the need for Digi-CAST2™ to visit your site at all.

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