Certificate Authority Methodology

PDF The Digi-CAST™ methodology was pioneered in 2004 and is a unique approach to simplifying the design, installation, management, certification and re-certification of any CA environment.

The Digi-CAST™ methodology has four distinctly separate components that are adapted and designed specifically to meet the needs of any Digi-CA™ environment:

Digi-CAST1™ and CAST2™ are used on all Digi-CA™ Server projects whereas, Digi-CAST3™ and CAST4™ are used on larger projects such as enterprise, public sector or national government environments.

The Digi-CA™ Manual covers the Digi-CAST™ methodology in more detail as does our website: www.digi-sign.com

This online manual examines Digi-CAST1™ and CAST2™ in more detail here as these specific relate to issues that an Administrator or Manager would be directly concerned with.


    Just as there is no such thing as a typical IT environment, there is no such thing as a typical Digi-CAST™ service. Some Digi-CAST1™ projects (where we are assisting or advising on a project before it starts) can last only a few hours, whilst other CAST1™ projects can last for months.

    Digi-CAST1™ is concerned with project planning excellence, cause and affect planning, 'skills pool' analysis, personnel selection and management. The most important thing to remember about all Digi-CAST™ modules is that the entire service is tailored to your specific needs. For further details download the Digi-CA™ Manual.


    Depending on the findings of Digi-CAST1™ regarding the available personnel and their skills, you might decide that you need us for some or all of the project implementation phase. As explained in the Digi-CAST1™ phase, all of this is decided at the project evaluation and planning stage.

    Digi-CAST2™ is concerned with detailing the actual project as documented in Digi-CAST1™. Its concern is with personnel, availability, time lines, 'choke points' and overall project delivery. Combining your resources with ours, we begin the project and work together to a common goal. For further details download the Digi-CA™ Manual.

    The basic requirements for every Digi-CA™ Server installation are the same and in most instances, Digi-CAST2™ install the Digi-CA™ Server system on your server(s). As more sophisticated environments arise for Digi-CA™ Server Xp or Digi-CA™ Server Xg, the requirements increase accordingly.

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