Digi-Sign's History

Amongst the Worlds' Top 10
Digi-Sign is amongst the top ten providers of Digital Certificates in the world. This is evidenced by invitations such as the Department of Defense [DoD] in the US (where only 10 companies were invited to tender for the most recent extension to the DoD PKI); we were awarded the National PKI project for RENIEC, in Peru; the National PKI project for Barbados; the British Library; the pre-qualification of Digi-Sign as the only non-Italian company to participate in the Italian national PKI tender; and many other projects around the world where Digi-Sign is regularly invited to participate.
Service & Support Excellence
Every customer has their own Account Manager, so that all of the administration work is done for you and we guarantee and deliver our systems faster than any other provider in the world. We replace Certificates FREE of charge and offer excellent technical support, triple validation, Site-Seals and Global Insurance (as required).

We offer a more flexible service and do so with the attention to detail and overall service that no larger provider can match. This is evidenced in the recent letter of recommendation (see Appendix I) from a member of the Royal Family in the Kingdom of Bahrain where it specifically notes that our service & professionalism "would be the envy of even [their] largest providers".

Our Portfolio
Our portfolio is 95% Digital Certificate, Certificate Authority [CA] and/or Public Key Infrastructure [PKI] related. We hold a valuable patent application for the automation of the Digital Certificate life cycle in addition to what is probably the most up to date and modern CA software in the market, worldwide. From this base, we sell a mixture of Managed CA and CA Software systems for use primarily by Government and medium to large enterprises.
Our Market Presence
Current markets are Ireland/UK, North & South America, the Caribbean and the Middle East. Examples of projects in these markets are: a) USA - the world's largest insurance broker, March Mc Lennan replaced their Certificate provider in 2006 with Digi-CA™ Service; b) UK - the world's largest mobile phone operator, Vodafone, replaced their Certificate provider in 2003 with Digi-CA™ Service; c) Peru - SUNAT (tax authority) use Digi-IDs™ to authenticate their users; d) Middle East, Digi-CA™ Server is used for the Natinal PKI system for the Kingdom of Bahrain National ID card (ongoing project from 2007); amongst others.
Strategic Direction
The key strategic direction of the company is the focus on bringing real value to the PKI market sector through sophisticated service and competitive pricing.

Digi-Sign's superiority is affecting real market change through innovative design of its systems and its ability to reduce the cost of deploying and managing large scale PKI systems (see 'Digi-CA Presentation').

Another component of this strategic direction is the continued sharing of the Digi-CAST™ methodology for designing, implementing, certifying and managing CA 'Trust Centres'. This 'open book' methodology offers real knowledge sharing that enables our customers to make informed decisions and empowers our customers to become true owners of their infrastructure, in whatever form and structure they choose to deploy.

When the above core strategies are then combined with the continued development and improvement of the Digi-TaSC on line system that manages all aspects of the CA environment (from people through to policies, procedures, documentation, event management, tracking, logging, service level agreement enforcement and many other important requirements of the modern CA environment), we have a proven track record in the design, delivery, management and onging support of the most sophisticated of PKI requirements.

Relationship with VeriSign
The company evolved from the founders' relationship with VeriSign, Inc. in 1999. Acting as an Affiliate for their Digital Certificates, the business grew until Roccade Megaplex (now Getronics) took control of the company in 2000.
Public Listing
Roccade, was originally a Dutch Government Department. It was formed as a company in 1949, in order to meet the Dutch Government's requirements for secure document printing and storage. After its public listing on the Amsterdam Exchange [AMX], the Group grew to a turnover in excess of €800M.

In 2004, Roccade merged with the UK's Getronics Group. With total revenues of and continues to supply high quality ICT services to clients in information-intensive sectors, such as industry, banks insurance companies, social security, healthcare and government. Most recent information on the groups shows it as having been acquired by KPN, the national Dutch Telecoms and ICT organisation.

Management Buy Out & Demerger
After joining the PinkRoccade Group in 2000, PinkRoccade DigiSign began to take overall responsibility for the sales and marketing of Digital Certificates throughout Europe. In 2002, the management of Digi-Sign decided to conduct a Management Buy Out [MBO] of the company.

In the five years since becoming independent, Digi-Sign has pioneered change in the way Digital Certificates are deployed and managed. It has created several unique Certificate Authority [CA] system and offerings such as Total Trust Management™ [TTM™] and the Digi-CAST™ methodology. These unique offerings have benefited the market considerably (and have created several imitators/copies).

For further information, review the Testimonials and Letters of Reference sections of the site or read the Corporate Blog.