The Benefits of ARP Membership

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Strong Partnership  

The ARP Programme is specifically designed to ensure that both parties benefit equally. Using what we call 'true partnership' we work with you as if we were shareholders in your business. The focus is on:

Opportunity Focus   Business opportunities are not always immediately obvious and our approach is to engage regularly in open discussion, market information innovation and where possible, cross collaboration with other members of the ARP Network
Business innovation   Unlike other Certificate Authority [CA] vendors, Digi-Sign thrives on innovation and integration. This is evidenced in situations where there is an existing CA within an organisation and still they use our CA system becuase it is an integral part of some other infrastructure. have delivered our solutions
Shared Revenue   Our business philosophy is that true partners must benefit equally from their combined activities. Once the business case is agreed, your organisation will clearly understand your revenue share on all sales. Regardless of whether they are new sales or the renewal of recurring sales
Profit Focused   Continued business success must be driven by profit. We will not ask you to engage in any opportunity unless the profits (and profit share) are clearly identified from the outset
Recurring Income   All Digi-Sign systems include recurring annual revenue and this helps to build strong growth potential in this profitable business sector for your organisation
Exclusivity Requests  

Unfortunately, exclusivity rarely works because if the ARP member fails to perform the region is 'blocked off'. Setting targets (e.g. €1M per annum to maintain exclusivity) leads to disputes and dissatisfaction amongst our ARP members. In short, exclusivity is not in line with the 'spirit' of the ARP Network.

However, what we do in the case of requests for exclusivity is agree not to appoint another ARP member in the region without first talking to the existing members. If there is an opportunity to work with the new ARP member and your organisation as a tri-partnership, we will surely do so.


Read the details of the ARP Program