Digi-Access™ Online Banking Demonstration Instructions

Online Banking Demonstration, Step-by-Step Instructions

If you have not already done so, read the Introduction to Digi-Access™ for Online Banking. Then before actually taking the demonstration, read the instructions below:

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1. Understanding the Digi-Access™ Demonstration
1.1 Show how          Digi-Access™ works ‘live’   In this live and interactive demonstration you will apply for, and receive, a Digi-Access™ certificate and then use this to log in to the online banking system
2. What You Will Learn from the Digi-Access™ Demonstration
2.1 Person’s actual identity is fully checked   Before a Digi-Access™ certificate is issued to any person, the ‘real world’ physical identity of that person is first validated and verified to ensure they are who they claim to be. In the demonstration, this does not occur, but would normally
2.2 Digitally bound identity   The Digi-Access™ certificate mathematically binds the person’s physical identity into the code that is used to create it. It is this bound identity that provides the assurance that protects who can access the specific online system or site
2.3 Unique identity cannot be copied or shared   Once issued, the Digi-Access™ certificate is unique and cannot be copied or shared with other people. Users may be able to share usernames and passwords, they can even share devices such as One-Time-Password [OTP] token, but users cannot share a Digi-Access™ certificate
3. Digi-Access™ Demonstration Step-by-Step Instructions
3.1 Step 1 – Request Certificate   The demonstration begins with the Account Access Login. You will see that there is no place to enter a username and password. If you click the Login button you will get an error page. So you will then have to go back and click the Apply Now button that will direct you to the Certificate Request form. To request your certificate, it is critical that you complete this form correctly using valid email address
3.2 Step 2 – Order confirmation   Once the Certificate Request form is submitted, the system confirms the details submitted. Move to your email and check your inbox for the Activation email
3.3 Step 3 – Activate Certificate   After some time you will receive an email confirming your certificate is ready for collection. Simply click the URL provided in this email to complete the certificate activation
3.3 Step 4 – Test the newly secured login   Now you can simply click the button at the bottom of the Confirmation screen to use the Digi-Access™ certificate. This will then log into the online banking service using Digi-Access™ two factor authentication
4. Important Things To Do Once You’ve Completed the Demonstration
4.1 View the test Digi-Access™ certificate   Depending on your operating system and browser version, you can view your Digi-Access™ two factor authentication certificate using these instructions
4.2 Delete the test Digi-Access™ certificate   It is good practice to remove unwanted, or test, certificates from your computer. To remove the demonstration test Digi-Access™ certificate from your computer, choose the browser you are using and follow these steps

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