Introducing Digi-Access™ for Online Banking

Choosing between One-Time-Passwords & Digi-Access™

Typical online banking services are well structured and 'secured' with access controlled and 'protected' by usernames and passwords. However, global initiatives such as 'Know Your Customer' [KYC] and many others mean that usernames and passwords can no longer offer sufficient security or authentication of users.  Increasing the security by introducing two factor authentication [2FA] is inevitable.

Online Banking Example

Username and password security is no longer sufficient and there are only two credible options available:

One-Time-Password [OTP] Tokens

Digi-Access™ Certificates

In Favour of OTP

Against using OTP


In Favour of Digi-Access™

Against using Digi-Access™

You decide which makes more sense

And then let your users decide

Perhaps you don't have any plans to increase the security access to your online application. Budgetary restrictions may be another issue. So why not let your users decide if they want this security 'add-on'.

We have a simple programme for this too:

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