New Login Page

Step 1 - Changing the Login Page to require Digi-Access™

Depending on how you decide to implement Digi-Access™ will dictate whether you need a new login page or not.

Allow 30 Minutes

If you want all users to use Digi-Access™ client certificates for two factor authentication, then you do not make any changes to the login page. You can skip this step and move to Step 2.

Alternatively, if some users will continue using usernames & passwords and other users will use Digi-Access™, then the following are the suggested guidelines to follow:

Instructions for changing the Login Page

1. Create a completely new domain directory. For example the new login URL could be:

2. Make a copy of the existing login page and place it in the root, default folder for this new site.

3. There are many ways to implement and manage the database of users and this is one, simple suggestion: copy the user database from the existing website and enable it for the new login page you have created for Digi-Access™

Those users that login with usernames and passwords will continue to do so, as they do currently. Once the server(s) is configured, those users that wish to use the two factor authentication login will get their Digi-Access™ certificate and use this, together with their existing username and password for login at the new URL.

Note:- As each new Digi-Access™ certificate is issued, the username and password access to the original login page must be disabled.

Follow the right side link below to learn how easy it is to configure the server to use Digi-Access™ certificates.