Issuing Certificates

Step 3 - Issuing Digi-Access™ Certificates to the End Users

The Digi-CA™ Certificate Authority [CA] system (that issues the Digi-Access™ end user certificates) can issue thousands of certificates every hour. This 'endless' capacity means that getting Digi-Access™ certificates to the end users can occur as quickly as your environment demands.

Allow 30+ Minutes

How the Digi-Access™ certificates are issued is set by the 'Enrolment Policy'. The options within the Enrolment Policy are designed to be very flexible. They can be customised to meet almost any requirement with many different settings and combinations. The three basic options are:

Overview of the Issuing Process

Issuing the Digi-Access™ certificates is either a one or two stage process. Either the user receives an email inviting them to apply for their certificate, or they are referred from an existing online site/system to the Certificate Application form.

However the user is prompted to get their certificate, in the first stage, the Digi-CA™ Inviting 'action' requires the end user 'reaction' (completing an application form). In the second stage, the Digi-CA™ Approving 'action' requires the end user 'reaction' (activating the certificate) and this completes the process. It is best understood as follows:

Sample Issuing Process

As stated, because the Enrolment Policy is very flexible, there are many different ways to invite and approve end users certificates. The following is a sample issuing process only. You may wish to include other options, as required.

Stage One 'Digi-CA™ Action' - Inviting Digi-Access™ Certificate Applications

Using the Digi-CA™ RA Management Console interface, the Administrator uploads a .CSV batch file inviting as many users as required.

Review the other available invitation options.

Stage One 'User Reaction' - Completing Enrolment Form

The Digi-CA™ system sends an email to each end user with a unique link to the Digi-Access™ certificate enrolment form. Using the link provided in the email, the end user then completes the Digi-Access™ certificate enrolment form.

Note:- this is the default Digi-Access™ End Entity Digital Certificate Enrolment Form. This form uses basic HTML programming that can be altered to match your specific design requirements.

See other sample enrolment forms.

Stage Two 'Digi-CA™ Action' - Approving Enrolment Applications

Once the end user completes all the fields and submits the enrolment form to the Digi-CA™ system, the Administrator is notified. The Administrator then approves each end user application using the Digi-Access™ certificate Authorization Panel.

Depending on the Enrolment Policy this stage may be automated.

Stage Two 'User Reaction' - Activating the Digi-Access™ Certificate

Assuming the Administrator approves the application, the Digi-CA™ system sends a new email to the end user advising them that their application has been approved. Using the link provided in the email, the end user then activates the Digi-Access™ certificate and this completes the issuing process.

See other sample certificate activation forms.