Digi-Access™ - Strong Two Factor Authentication [2FA] Videos

Videos Demonstrating Digi-Access™

The following, short Digi-Access™ videos demonstrate these authentication solutions and will help in better understanding how easy it is to implement and use.

Digi-Access™ Strong Two Factor Authentication [2FA] Videos

Digi-Access™ Strong Authentication


Digi-Access™ Two Factor Authentication

How strong authentication can replace existing username and password access with Digi-Access™. This video shows how simple this is for end users to access sites securely and easily.


Usernames & passwords may not offer the protection your organisation needs. Adding a 'second layer' of security with Digi-Access™ two factor authentication [2FA] is more secure.


Watch Video. Duration 5:16 Minutes


Watch Video. Duration 1:35 Minutes