The ‘Fast Track’ Approach

‘Fast Track’ is exactly as it sounds, you want everything done as quickly as possible and you want the professionals to do it for you. This is a total ‘turn key’ approach where we take your instructions, document them and deliver the entire solution back to you in the shortest possible time. Once the Digi-CA™ is in ‘production status’, you nominate personnel within your organisation to take responsibility for it and we support them in the background.

Total Trust Management™ Approach

This is where we not only ‘Fast Track your requirements through to delivery but actually assume responsibility for the total management of your CA environment for as long as you need us too.

Total Trust Management™ [TTM™] is a unique offering from Digi-Sign (although some vendors have tried to copy it) and it means that you Trust us to Totally Manage the Digi-CA™ for you. TTM™ is much more than a dedicated telephone support line, it’s a service where Digi-Sign personnel effectively work for you. We ensure that the CA technology is introduced to the end users with the minimum of fuss. All you do is agree how you want us to operate the Digi-CA™, and we do everything for you. It’s a bit like travelling First Class.

75% of our customers use TTM™ in the first year, at least, so that they can see how we do everything and then learn by watching us.

Build-Box-Deliver Approach

For an installation of Digi-CA™ Server (see sub section, we document your requirement, you sign the documented order and then we build, box and either ship it to you for installation or, in the case of Digi-CA™ Service (see sub section we host it for you so that it only needs to be activated.

If your requirements include integration work or customisation, this is scheduled and delivery is subject to Production scheduling and all of this is agreed in advance.

Delivery by an ARP Member

Most Digi-CA™ systems are delivered by a member of the Digi-Sign Affiliates, Resellers & Partners [ARP] Network. The ARP member will co-ordinate all aspects of the delivery, installation, configuration and setting the system to production status for you.